Veteran UK Detective Shares Cautionary Tale On Vigilantism

“Don’t take the law into your own hands,” said former UK detective Nigel Donohue.

Donohue has led some of Britain’s most intense criminal investigations, and has seen countless cases where vigilantism has caused disastrous outcomes.

In 2008, Donohue worked as the senior investigator in a confronting case where a man was mistaken for a drug dealer and was seriously assaulted.

Nigel Donohue tells the full story on Crime Insiders:

“It’s a harrowing story. It was completely avoidable,” Nigel said about the incident. He said he chose to tell this story to show why it’s important to report crimes to police.

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“The police have a difficult job and they don’t always get it right. We know that, but a number of people’s lives have been changed by people not doing the right thing,” Donohue said.

He advised witnesses not to act on emotion, he said, “Sadly, people get it wrong and when it does go wrong, it’s usually catastrophic.”

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