The Trials of the Vampire is the 10-Part Series You Have To Listen To

Melbourne’s notorious ‘vampire gigolo’ Shane Chartres-Abbott was shot dead in front of his Reservoir home on June 4, 2003 only hours before he was due to appear in court on rape charges.

Chartres-Abbott was set to face court over the rape and mutilation of a female client back in 2002 before he was gunned down in front of his home.

Chartres-Abbott was accused of biting off the tongue of his female client Penny, while at a South Yarra motel in 2002, claiming to the court that he was a vampire who needed to drink blood in order to survive.

Thai-born Penny was found alone, lying in a pool of her own blood with Shane Chartres-Abbott looking like the only viable suspect.

Police tracked Chartres-Abbott from the motel in South Yarra to a brothel where they found him engaging in more bizarre activities which only left police with more questions.

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Chartres-Abbott was arrested and charged with the rape and mutilation of Penny but before he could be sentenced, Chartres-Abbott was shot in what looked to be a well-planned assassination.

Real Crime Investigator Adam Shand takes a deep-dive into both the allegations against Chartres-Abbott as well as the investigation into his murder which lead to a botched prosecution and an eventual confession from a prison inmate who goes by the alias “the author”.

Hear the full story with Adam Shand below:

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