The Gypsy Joker Bikie Murder That Sparked An Explosive Gang War

When bikie William “Billy” Grierson was shot dead in outback Western Australia in 2000, his gang mates were convinced they knew who the shooter was.

“Who murdered Billy Grierson? Three suspects arose out of this,” said former police officer and forensic expert Hadyn Green.

Forensic investigator Hadyn Green takes listeners inside one of WA’s most notorious bikie wars on the Crime Insiders podcast:

Grierson was a member of the Gypsy Jokers bikie gang.

On October 1st, 2000, four members huddled by a campfire in the remote WA town of Ora Banda. When three gunshots came from a stretch of trees close by Billie Grierson dropped to the ground; he died shortly after.

“Did the shooter intend to shoot someone? Was it intended to frighten people, or who knows?” Green said.

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There was speculation that the shooter could have been either a local sandalwood cutter, the bikies themselves, or Don Hancock, a former Police Chief who ran an inn across the road.

Adding to speculation, Green said that the four bikes went to the inn for a meal early that day and provoked Hancock’s daughter. Shortly after, Hancock asked the bikies to leave.

“Some advances were made to Don Hancock’s daughter,” he said, “She didn’t like that. And Hancock, Don Hancock didn’t like that,” he said

The bikies believed Hancock killed Grierson, but the investigation became even more complicated when two members of the gang killed Hancock.

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