Retired Melbourne Detective Remembers The Hoddle Street Massacre 35 Years Later

This week marks 35 years since the atrocities of the 1987 Hoddle Street massacre which killed seven people and injured 19 more. 

In the latest episode of Real Crime: Australian Detectives, Adam Shand has sat down with retired Detective Senior Constable Graham Kent to discuss what it was like to assess Julian Knight: the ‘wannabe soldier turned murderer’ who actually took the detectives through a step-by-step reenactment of his crimes. 

“His [Alan Bartolomeo-forensic psychiatrist] assessment was, unequivocally, there’s no mental illness. He was not mad, not even in the lay sense, but he was certainly not mad in a legal sense. However, he had a personality disorder… I think some would describe it as – he’s a prick – basically. Narcissistic, self centred.”

Take a listen: 

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