Real Crime Podcast Recommendations Based On Your Fav TV Show

LiSTNR Real Crime Podcast Recommendations…

📺  The Tinder Swindler ➡️ Real Crime ‘Control’ 🎧

Domestic abuse is almost impossible to foresee in a relationship that starts online. Real crime investigator Adam Shand reports on the case of Cassie who meets an American named Connor online and, after a whirlwind romance, invites him to live in Australia with her. Soon, the violence begins but Cassie is ashamed to admit she has allowed an abusive man into her life. 

📺  Underbelly ➡️ Real Crime ‘Kellie Carter-Bell’ 🎧

Kellie Carter-Bell grew up in Melbourne’s underworld and suffered years of harrowing abuse until she broke the cycle, becoming an advocate for domestic violence victims. A chance meeting with real crime investigative reporter Adam Shand leads to a quest to find Kellie’s father, a policeman, who left her nearly five decades before. Hear the amazing story of survival and what it was like living day to day with some of Melbourne’s most notorious criminals

📺  Unsolved Mysteries ➡️ Real Crime ‘The Disappearance of Lucille Butterworth’ 🎧

Real Crime investigator Adam Shand probes the 1969 disappearance of 20-year-old Lucille Butterworth from a bus stop in Hobart. Police believe she is a runaway who will return and fail to search for weeks. Eventually, a suspect is identified but not charged. 

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