Brent Sanders and Danny Wicks in the podcast studio with a photo of NRL player Danny Wicks

Former Detective Reveals Details From The Danny Wicks Drug Trafficking Case

In 2011, former Newcastle Knights player Danny Wicks pleaded guilty to three drug trafficking charges. He went on to serve an eighteen-month prison sentence at Glen Innes Correctional Centre.

Former NSW Detective Sergeant Craig Semple was part of the high profile investigation.

Speaking to host Brent Sanders on Crime Insiders: Detectives, Semple retells how the Newcastle Knights superstar was covertly surveilled and arrested.

“Danny at that time thought he was a bit of a gangster and a high flyer in those sort of circles… the further we sort of dug into it, the bigger it got”

Semple goes on to explain the lengths he and his team went to in order to protect the privacy of their investigation:

“We worked from my rumpus room in my house, like we took ourselves offline. Couldn’t even work from the police station in the initial stages of it because we just didn’t want anyone knowing what we were doing”

Listen to the full episode to hear the rest of this exclusive interview:

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