Bear Brook
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Five Cold Cases That Need Your Attention 

While it’s always satisfying to hear a victim and a victim’s family find justice, there are still plenty of families out there waiting for closure. 

We have put together a list of some of the most fascinating cold cases out there which are well deserving of a listen. 


Hosted by reporter Dave Cawley, this podcast uses each season to focus on one cold case, taking a much closer look at the crime, the suspects and the clues. 

In season one, the podcast looks at the disappearance of Susan Powell, who vanished from her West Valley City home in Utah in the middle of winter. 

Her husband claims to have been out camping during a blizzard with their two sons at the time but police suspect there’s more to the story. 

Beyond Bardstown: Unsolved 

Behind the charm of the small, tight-knit town of Bardstown in Kentucky, lies a dark shadow that has haunted the community since 2013. 

In this podcast, the team behind “Bomber”, “88 Days” and the “True Crime Chronicles” dig into five unsolved murders that investigators suspect could be related. 

Crime Insiders: The Day Lucille Disappeared

In this six-part series, crime reporter Adam Shand looks into the case of 20-year-old Lucille Butterworth, who disappeared from a bus stop in Hobart in 1969. 

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Initially, police believed that Lucille was a runaway, but after failing to locate her, investigators began to suspect something far more sinister had occurred with a trail of breadcrumbs eventually leading to a suspect. But why hasn’t he been charged? 

Bear Brook

It was a dark day in 1985 when the remains of an adult and a child were discovered inside a bag, next to an overturned 55-gallon drum in the popular Bear Brook State Park. 

Not only was the discovery horrific, but it left investigators stumped when they failed to identify the two victims. The story only got worse from there when two more bodies were eventually discovered. 

A man was eventually arrested for the crimes, but does his confession still stand-up? 

Crime Junkie: Mysterious Death Of: The Family in Anaqua Springs 

When Nichol Olsen was found shot dead in her home alongside her two daughters, the immediate thoughts on investigators minds was murder suicide, but to Nichol’s family – this was never a possibility. 

Despite all fingers pointing towards somebody else, the case still remains unsolved four years later.