The podcast art, featuring the words Exposed: Cover-Up at Columbia University over a blurred and fragmented woman's face

Dr Death creators launch new True Crime podcast series, Exposed: Cover-Up at Columbia University

Warning: This story contains references to sexual assault.

The team behind award-winning true crime podcast series Dr Death has released a new investigative podcast series, Exposed: Cover-Up at Columbia University.

Reported and hosted by Laura Beil, the series is the result of an 18-month investigation by the award-winning reporter into Dr Robert Hadden, a trusted OB-GYN working at one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world: Columbia University.

But behind closed doors, the podcast alleges that Dr Hadden assaulted hundreds – if not thousands – of unsuspecting patients, across the course of his 25-year career

The podcast also alleges that though Columbia University was repeatedly alerted to Hadden’s predatory behaviour, the institution failed to act. Exposed covers the a decade-long fight by the survivors for justice.

The fight reached its conclusion in July this year, when Hadden was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison.

Beil said she is “indebted” to the survivors who came forward to speak on the podcast.

“This series shows how elite medical institutions turn a blind eye to uphold their brand, not believing the patients they promised to protect,” she said.

“I’m indebted to the survivors who spoke to me for this podcast, in the hopes of preventing something like this from happening again.

Exposed: Cover-Up at Columbia University is based on an investigation that lasted more than 18 months, including interviews with sources who have never spoken publicly and documents revealed for the first time.”

All six episodes of Exposed: Cover-Up at Columbia University are available on the LiSTNR app now, or you can click to listen here.

Those who have listened to Dr Death will of course be familiar with Beil’s work. The health reporter released the first season of the hit podcast series – which was later adapted into a TV miniseries – in 2018, investigating the charming but deadly Dr Duntsch. Two subsequent series followed, each revealing the horrific truth behind some of the world’s most highly regarded physicians.  

All three seasons of Dr Death are also available on the LiSTNR app.

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