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Crime Podcasts That Take You On A Deep-Dive Into The Investigation

In our opinion, to be a real true crime fan, you’ve got to enjoy all the in-depth details of even the most complicated and intense cases. 

While some of us might opt to skip through these types of stories, others choose to stick around for all of the details. Well – this list is for the latter. 

We have put together a list of some of our favourite true crime stories that don’t skimp out on the details. 

Morbid – The Murder of Kelly Ann Tinyes: Episode 445

13-year-old Kelly Ann Tinyes was babysitting her 8-year-old brother Richie one night back in 1989 when the phone rang. Richie picked up and the voice on the other end of the phone said their name was “John” and asked to speak to his big sister. 

After a quick chat, Kelly hung up the phone and told Richie she needed to run to her friend’s place down the road and would be right back, before leaving the house at 3:15PM. 

That would be the last time anyone would see her alive. After an extensive search, investigators working on the case stumbled across one of the scariest crime scenes of their entire career. 

Killer Cases – Murder in the Barnyard: Episode 9

It was a seemingly normal day for the Mullis family until a 911 operator received a call from a distraught Todd Mullis, claiming his wife had fallen onto a four-pronged corn rake. 

Todd was distraught as he told the operator that he was driving his wife, 39-year-old Amy Mullis to the hospital. The operator told him to pull over and begin CPR and he was quick to comply. Unfortunately, it was too late for Amy and she passed away from her injuries. 

Police were ready to rule the death an accident until the medical examiner surprised investigators, ruling Amy’s death a homicide. Soon after, a surprising detail was brought to the attention of prosecutors, taking the investigation in a surprising direction.

Crime Junkie – The Hendricks Family

To David Hendricks, the evening of November 7th, 1983, was supposed to be like any other night. He took his three children to Chuck E. Cheese while his wife attended a baby shower. David and his children ate and played games until they left for home at around 8PM. 

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By 9:30PM the kids were in bed and at around 10:30PM, David’s wife Susan had arrived home from the baby shower and she too had gone too bed. 

David packed his things and left the home a short time later for a business trip and would spend the night at a hotel in Wisconsin before spending the next day out selling his back brace. 

Before returning home, David tried calling his wife several times but got no answer. Worried, David would eventually call the police department to check on his family and what they would find, would shake the officers to their core. So, who killed the Hendrick’s family and if David was out on business, why would he become the prime suspect?

Crime Insiders – Trials of the Vampire 

When Thai-born Penny is found dead in a hotel room, investigators circle in on Shane Chartres-Abbott a.k.a the ‘Vampire Gigolo’. 

Shane Chartres-Abbott was leaving his home to face court in 2003, over one of the most unspeakable crimes in Australian history when he was gunned down outside of his home. 

His death opens up a shocking investigation, casting doubt over Chartres-Abbott’s guilt and suspicion around his trail and the investigation itself. 

The Children In The Pictures

Trigger warning: child sexual exploitation 

This incredible story is not for the faint-hearted. Australian documentary-maker Akhim Dev follows an investigation which spanned over several years, dismantling notorious child exploitation site ‘The Love Zone’. 

The eight-part series shines a light on Australia’s silent epidemic, exposing the entire twisted operation and how predators are working in the shadows and exploiting children, not just in Australia, but around the world.