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5 Crime Podcasts You Can Start (And Finish) This Long Weekend

Whether you’re driving out of town, catching a flight or staging an easter egg hunt at home, a new crime podcast series could be the perfect thing to keep you company.

This is your excuse to deep dive and emerge on Tuesday with no unfinished business.

Here are five bite-sized true crime podcast series you’ll be able to start – and finish – this long weekend:

1. Death in Ice Valley

This podcast cracks open the file on a decades long mystery of an unidentified woman whose body was found by hikers in ‘Ice Valley’ near the city of Bergen, Norway.

If you are into Nordic Noir shows like The Bridge, you will be comforted by the Norwegian accents and ambient sounds of snow underfoot.

Hosts Marit Higraff and Neil McCarthy introduce you to the detectives and people involved in the case over 12 short episodes.


2. Ghost Story

Have you ever done something to annoy your in-laws? How about investigating if one of them was a murderer?

Host Tristan Redman looks into the past of his wife’s family and discovers a strange connection to the ghost that haunted his teenage bedroom.

Including interviews from family members, Tristan will toe the line of his relationship with in-laws to get to the bottom of a real-life haunting.


3. Wolves Among Us

Larry Lavin got into one of the most prestigious schools in the United States, but he wasn’t the son of a CEO or politician.

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To pay his way through dentistry school, Larry starts dealing pot. Soon, he’s running one of the largest cocaine rings on the East Coast of America. How’s that for a gateway drug?

You can hear from Larry himself as he tells host Stephen Seidel how he became one of the top fugitives on the FBI’s most wanted list.


4. Fairy Meadow

Cheryl Grimmer was kidnapped from a New South Wales beach in 1970, and even today her family have never given up on finding her.

Despite a coronial inquest in 2011 that declared Cheryl as dead, there is still no answer to what happened to her. A $1 million reward for information about her disappearance still stands.


5. Fake Heiress

You’ve heard of ‘fake it til you make it’, but when do you give up the act?

For Anna Delvey, it wasn’t until she landed herself in prison for fraud.

This two-episode podcast series is a perfect quick fix of the deceit and scams perpetrated by a young woman in the world of New York’s elite circles.


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