5 Crime Podcasts To Obsess Over This Long Weekend

This long weekend is the perfect excuse to start a healthy obsession with a new true-crime podcast. Whether you’re into cold cases, cults, or murder mysteries, here are five recommendations you won’t be able to hit pause on.

  1. Cult Liter

Cult Liter is a must-listen for macabre histories, cult activities and bizarre true crime. Host Spencer Henry also reads stories sent in from listeners to debrief hometown crimes, UFO sightings and killer ex-boyfriends.

  1. Crime Insiders

If manhunt investigations and crime scene forensics is more your speed, then look no further than Crime Insiders. Each episode either hosts a decorated forensic expert or veteran Police investigator to talk about cases they’ve worked on, including some of Australia’s most notorious crimes.

  1. Fairy Meadow

This 8-part series unpacks one of Australia’s most famous cold cases. Three-year-old Cheryl Grimmer disappeared from a beach near Wollongong in 1970. Can the case still be solved?

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  1. You Don’t Know Me

This six-part crime thriller audio drama has listeners hooked, adapted from a novel by crime writer Sara Foster. The story is full of unseen twists surrounding the disappearance of 17-year-old Lizzie Burdett.

  1. Snapped: Women Who Murder

We hear a lot about male serial killers, but what about women? This podcast unpacks cases where women are accused of murder. Each episode zooms into motive, whether it’s a cheating lover, hire-for-murder, or a dodgy insurance payoff.

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