5 Crime Podcast Recommendations Based On Your Favourite TV Show

Do you want to get into crime podcasts but don’t know where to begin? Our expert LiSTNR matchmakers have found the perfect podcast pairing for your favourite TV show.

  1. If you like The Crown, listen to British Scandal

The Crown is one of the most popular shows at the moment, and the royals are certainly making the news as of late. British Scandal have got the best of the worst of the Brits, from political scandals through to the media, celebrities, and spies. Check out season 29 for your Charles and Diana fix, and season 16 for all the Abdication drama.

2. If you like Last King of The Cross, listen to Gripped: Second Son

For a home-grown crime drama like Last King of the Cross, Gripped: Second Son is the Aussie fiction podcast you’re looking for.  A new gangland audio thriller following the struggle of protagonist Jamil torn between his new role as a ruthless crime boss and his duty as a parent and husband. It’s full of unseen twists and cliff-hangers to keep you hooked.  And did we mention that the actor who voices Jamil also plays the protagonist in Last King of the Cross?  Truly a perfect match.

3. If you like Outer Banks, listen to Small Town Murder

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Season four of Outer Banks is scheduled for release this year, but if you’re feeling impatient Small Town Murder covers true crime cases from small American town in North Carolina, just like the setting of the show. Giving you an insight into the cases, but also the idiosyncrasies of each town and its residents and how the crime impacts the community. 

4. If you like Mindhunter, listen to Morbid

Morbid has episodes covering some of the true crime cases you see in Mindhunter, but gives way more details and insight into what the crimes actually entailed.  Morbid also has a healthy dash of comedy so you can get your true crime fix in a more light-hearted way, because you know that Mindhunter can be pretty intense!

5. If you like Only Murders In The Building, listen to Crime Junkie

The hosts of Crime Junkie are well-researched and have hundreds of episodes that dive deep into  high-profile, gripping cases and the investigations behind them. You can totally imagine Mabel listening to this podcast as she struts the streets of NYC.

Listen To Gripped’s new season, Second Son. You can download the LiSTNR app to listen for free: