Wil Anderson Joins Urzila Carlson For A Chat, Chaos Ensues

He’s Australian comedy royalty and he’s here for a completely nonsensical chat!

This week on That’s Enough Already, Urzila Carlson was joined by her good friend and fellow comedian / podcaster / legend Wil Anderson for not one, but two special episodes!

The first portion includes a deep dive into his totally relatable coffee addiction (which annoys his sister’s dog) and one of the most hilarious (yet mildly uncomfortable) things that’s happened during his stand-up.

Urzila says she’s still laughing about this!

Listen here:

The second episode of Wil’s Two-Part Extravaganza includes an extensive discussion about his battles with the humble car horn.

As if that wasn’t enough already (pun intended), Urzila reveals she recently had an awkwardly hilarious encounter with the police, which provided her with the perfect opportunity to throw her mother-in-law under the bus.

Catch it here:

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