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What Really Happened In The “Poltergeist House” Which Gripped Australia In 1998

In 1998, a house in the small town of Humpty Doo, NT, had Australians gripped after multiple suspected cases of paranormal activity were reported. So just what do we know about the incidents in Humpty Doo? Well, 25-years-later, Charlie Clausen and Ben McLeay have unpacked it all on Everyone Relax’s Unexplained, Explained podcast!

Joined by journalist Paul Cropper, author of Australian Poltergeist: The Stone-throwing Spook of Humpty Doo and Many Other Cases, the trio have delved into the events that occurred, how it was reported and what a poltergeist even is. 

“It’s a crazy topic, poltergeists… I’m not surprised that people kind of, you know, either don’t believe or are very, very skeptical about it,” Paul shared. 

“Even now, 25 years later, I look back and go, ‘did that really happened?’ But then I think about it and yeah, happened, it was real.”

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Dive into the full story below! 

While the residents and TV crews claimed to experience objects like knives being thrown around the house by invisible hands, Paul believes classism added to the skepticism they faced. 

“Did you get the sense that… there was a sense of snobbery, like classism, going on? That because of these people being fairly working class and blue collar, that their only motivation would have been money or attention. It felt like there was a bit of an intellectual dismissal of these people because of who they are and their social status.” 

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