Urzila Carlson Drops Bombshell Announcement Leaving Producer Stunned

Renowned comedian Urzila Carlson sent shockwaves through the entertainment world with an unexpected revelation during a special bonus episode of her acclaimed podcast, That’s Enough Already.

In an intimate conversation with her Show Producer, Nat, Carlson shared news that she had received a life-changing text message at the unearthly hour of 3am. By 4:15 am, it was official: she had landed a coveted role in a major motion picture alongside A-list stars!

Carlson confessed, “I simply couldn’t resist the opportunity,” yet reassured her commitment to her beloved podcast and its dedicated audience.

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“You know how much I love our podcast and our listeners,” she affirmed, promising her return in 2025 after wrapping up six final episodes by May. “I’m sorry you’re unemployed now”, Carlson joked.

Delve deeper into the 10-minute bonus episode and hear all the details behind Urzila Carlson’s excited news below:

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