It Turns Out The Monopoly Man Has NEVER Worn A Monocle

When you think of the Monopoly man, you might picture him with a top hat, moustache, and monocle.

In fact, when we heard Margot Robbie was set to partner with Hasbro for her “next blockbuster,” bringing the iconic board game Monopoly to life, we thought the same thing in the Listnr Newsroom.

However, despite popular belief, Mr. Monopoly, (whose real name is Rich Uncle Pennybags) has actually never worn a monocle.

While you might be thinking, ‘No! he absolutely has, I can see it in my mind!’ This mental image is actually a false image, and an example of the Mandela Effect.

The Mandela Effect refers to collective false memories shared by a large group of people.

Funnily enough, this misconception has persisted since his first appearance in 1936. The Monopoly Man has never been depicted with a monocle on any Monopoly box or board.

If you’re adamant that he has worn a monocle at least once – you’re not alone. Many people have debated the existence of Mr. Monopoly’s monocle online. And while there are some pictures of our man wearing a monocle – they are mostly altered to demonstrate the Mandela Effect itself.

Now you know!