NOPE: Here’s The True Story Behind Netflix Series ‘The Watcher’ 

Image: Netflix

In 2018, Derek and Maria Broaddus bought their dream home for $1.6 million, complete with six bedrooms. 

But before even moving in, menacing letters started appearing in the family’s mailbox signed by someone called “The Watcher”. 

The chilling letters included violent threats and revealed that the family were being watched in great detail 

Now, the real life nightmare has provided inspiration for the latest bingeable Netflix series, The Watcher, created by Ryan Murphy. 

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But just how true to life is the series? 

In the latest episode of Just The Gist, Jacob Stanley and special guest host, comedian Fiona Cox, have unpacked the “gist” of what really happened. 

Take a listen to your cheat-sheet of The Watcher below: 

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