Erin got called out in public!

Disgusting Act Erin Molan Was Caught Doing In Public

The disgusting act in question took place at a pub and quite frankly we’re unimpressed!

A witness of this horrendous act called to dob her in and we don’t blame her.

Disgusting Act Erin Molan Was Caught Doing In Public

Next to me was a mirror, and at some point i get the flash of this very glamorous person.

Alex – Hughesy, Ed & Erin

Speaking to Hughesy, Ed & Erin, Alex drew out a detailed explanation of the disgusting act.

“That could get you arrested,” Hughesy said after learning of Erin’s misdeed.

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“If you’re gonna do that, you need to go to the bathroom and do that!”

Hughesy was completely disgusted, though it may have forced him to make a confession of his own.

Luckily it didn’t upset Erin as much as this segment from yesterday!

Listen to the full audio above and hear what Erin did that disgusted the team.

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