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Crush Confessions Officially Launches On Hughesy, Ed & Erin

Crush Confessions is all about setting you up with that special person who doesn’t know how you feel!

Got a crush? Well, now may be the time to seal the deal!

This is our way to help people who like people.

Hughesy – Hughesy, Ed & Erin

Hughesy, Ed & Erin know that co-hosting a radio show is all about chemistry… a bit like falling in love.

To celebrate the upcoming release of Lonely Harts Radio, Audible’s addictive new romance audiobook, that follows the chemistry between radio co-hosts Eira and Ru, Hughesy Ed & Erin want to hear all your Crush Confessions.

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Is it your local barista, maybe it’s your best friend’s brother, maybe it IS your best friend – whoever you’re crushing on we want to know!

If you have a Crush Confession, and you’re ready to give love a try, register your details below…you could win a dreamy date with your crush and cash!

What will happen when Hughesy, Ed & Erin give their listeners that little extra push with their Crush Confession… will sparks fly?

REGISTER TODAY and we’ll get to work on setting you up with your crush!

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