Broden & Zach in studio with a screencap of Disneyland.

Aunty Donna Expose Wild Secrets About Disneyland You Didn’t Know

Not only is Aunty Donna the greatest sketch comedy group Australia has to offer, but they also happen to be massive Disneyland fans! Aunty Donna boys Broden Kelly & Zachary Ruane have exposed some of the top secrets about Disneyland – from access to Disney “plaids”, to celebrity sightings, to the highly-prestigious Club 33.

Hear Aunty Donna reveal top secrets about Disneyland HERE:

“Our lawyer in the US is a guy called ‘Chunk’ from The Goonies, legitimately” Broden begins.

Wow, what a bizarrely interesting start!

“He got us a private escort called a ‘plaid’ around Disneyland”

“Not even kidding, they cost you about $5000 a day if you’re a punter” Box reacts in shock.

“We’re on YouTube so we went in for free” Kelly responds

Haven’t the Aunty Donna boys done well!

They also spotted MMA superstar Conor McGregor with four plaids, and reveal the only place in Disneyland that offer alcohol.

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