Turia Pitt on the set of Celebrity Apprentice

Turia Pitt Makes A Stand Against Workplace Bullying

Turia Pitt is one of the 17 celebrities appearing on this season of Celebrity Apprentice. She shares her reasons for doing the show, and tips for handling difficult situations in the workplace.

“It’s pretty easy to show someone that you respect them. You learn their name, you are kind, and considered. You’re gracious when you’re letting them know that you don’t agree with them. I think all those really basic, easy ways to show someone you respect them. If you yell at someone, if you berate someone publicly, if you intimidate someone, if you use your physicality to intimidate someone — I think all of those are ways in which you show that you don’t respect someone. And all of that gets to a point where the disrespect becomes bullying, right?” Turia shared on her podcast, Turia Pitt is Hard Work.

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Celebrity Apprentice

“And so, I realised that’s what gaslighting is: it’s a process of you questioning your own sanity and your own actions because of what someone else has said, because what someone else is doing to you. And so, if you’re the victim of workplace bullying or school bullying, or you, you work in a toxic workplace, there are a few options for you.”

Take a listen below:

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Find out more about Turia’s chosen charity, Interplast, here:

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