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10 Podcast Episodes To Help Accelerate Your Career

Navigating the world of work and career is difficult at the best of times, and the pandemic has made it even harder. Fast Track provides advice and insights from leaders and experts in the world of work, providing motivation and practical tips you can apply to accelerate your own career.

Host Margie Hartley, Executive Coach to 11 of the top ASX listed companies, has chosen her 10 favourite podcast episodes to fast track your career:

1. How To Build Psychological Safety

Have you ever sat in a meeting bursting with a great idea, but chosen not to speak about it? Margie speaks to Novartis Professor of Leadership at Harvard Business School, Amy Edmondson to learn how we can create psychologically safe work environments.

2. Languishing

Sociologists use the term languishing to refer to this psychological state which commonly manifests in trouble focusing, low motivation and lack of purpose. Margie Hartley speaks to psychologist and co-founder of Connect Psych services Dr Natalie Flatt Ph.D about why so many of us feel this way at the moment, what impact languishing is having on our brains and some practical tips we can put into practice to move from languishing to flourishing and thriving.

3. Is The Four Day Work Week Really Possible?

In several countries around the world, the four-day working week has been trialled where workers moved from a 40 hour week to 35 hours, without a reduction in pay. Margie Hartley speaks with Vice President of Research and Advisory for Gartner, Aaron McEwan about what’s possible with the 4 day work week, whether it’s good for us, good for productivity and good for society.

4. Self-Compassion At Work

Negativity and insecurity can be common symptoms of a high-pressure work world, and self-compassion is an evidence-based methodology for improving the quality of our lives in the every day and at work. Margie Hartley speaks with Associate Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Texas and author Kristin Neff to find out how we can harness kindness to speak up, claim our power and thrive in the workplace.

5. The Art of Teamwork

Margie Hartley is joined by John Eales, Board Director and former Captain of The Australian Wallabies Rugby Union Team to talk about the fundamentals of team and the art of teamwork.

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6. Redefining The Workplace

Work will never be the same again.’ The phrase has been a mantra over the last two years, but what does it really mean? Margie Hartley talks to Joan Lurie, Developmental Psychologist at Orgonomix about how we might redefine the workplace when we return to the office, what the opportunities and potential pitfalls might be and how leaders and organisations can get unstuck and thrive in the complexity of the changing world of work.

7. The Great Resignation

‘The Great Resignation’ is a phrase being used a lot at the moment, referring to an exodus of talented people from their jobs, many rethinking their careers and either changing roles or choosing to stop working altogether. So what is the trend, what is happening to workers around the globe and what should we be doing about it?

8. Mediating Conflict

Not many people enjoy conflict, and many of us avoid it as much as possible. Margie Hartley talks to Nina Harding, nationally accredited Mediator and expert in the area of dispute resolution, to understand why we hate conflict, what mediation looks like and why it works, and what behaviours and mindsets set us up for successful resolution of complex issues.

9. The Power of Bad

How often have you focused on the bad feedback in a conversation, when in fact there was plenty of good news in there too? Margie Hartley speaks with Dr Roy Baumeister, Professor of Psychology at University of Queensland to discuss his ground breaking research and insights into the ‘Power of Bad.’

10. Being The Coaching Leader

Being a leader in the 21st century means leading across multiple disciplines. Margie Hartley sits down with Organisational Psychologist and Executive Coach Travis Kemp to find out what a Coaching Leader really is and what the core benefits are for both the leader and their team.

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