The Royal Australian Mint Just Dropped A Rare Bluey Collectible

If you’re a fan of Bluey AND a fan of collectibles, then get ready because The Royal Australian Mint have announced they are releasing a very special line of Dollarbuck coins featuring Bluey, The Heelers and The Grannies!

Royal Australian Mint CEO Leigh Gordon said the Bluey limited-run program has given the Mint an opportunity to re-engage with the wider Australian community that may have previously bought products such as the Wiggles, Mr. Squiggle or Play School.

“This is the Mint’s classic storytelling and social culture commentary through coins,” Mr Gordon said.

“We hope that through this new Bluey program we are cultivating the coin collector of tomorrow. What better way to start your child’s or grandchild’s coin collection, than with a Bluey coin?”

Bluey coins can be purchased via:

  • EQL ballot
  • Temporary Mint Coin Shop (Canberra Museum and Gallery location) from 8.30am Thu 6 June 2024
  • Mint Contact Centre on 1300 652 020 from 8.30am Thu 6 June 2024
  • From participating authorised distributors

Registration for the EQL ballot opens at 8.30am on Wednesday, 5 June and closes at 8.30am on Thursday, 6 June. The draw will take place immediately following the ballot and successful entrants will be notified by email. To register for the ballot, visit the Mint at

Speaking of Bluey, Melanie Zanetti, the voice of Bluey’s Mum Chilli caught up with Fifi, Fev and Nick to

Have a listen below!

“I think it’s ‘Sleepytime’, there are so many i love so it’s so hard for me to choose. When I saw it I balled my eyes out” Melanie revealed when asked what her favourite Bluey episode is.

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