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Stories of Us: What We’ve Learnt From The Stories So Far

On the “Stories of Us” podcast, we have collected many sensational tales from well-known and well-respected members of communities across Australia. Originating from the many regional pockets of our country are iconic figures that inspire us and help shape what it means to be Australian.

On this episode of “Stories of Us“, host Sarah Grynberg takes a look back on some of the most extraordinary moments captured so far.

Here are the lessons we’ve learnt from some of our amazing guests:

Alex McKinnon – Forgiveness is Essential

The former NRL player shares how he had to forgive the players involved during the fateful tackle that put him in a wheelchair.

Karrie Webb – Prove People Wrong

Golfing superstar Karrie Webb reflects on her journey to the top of women’s world golf, and her determination to prove doubters wrong.

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Shannon Noll – Changing Course While Cherishing the Past

The Aussie music icon opens up about his personal struggles and the transformative power of music in his life at a time of family tragedy.

Tameka Yallop – Trusting in Your Experience to Focus Under Pressure

Matildas star Tameka Yallop revisits her gripping experience of taking a penalty under immense pressure during the Women’s World Cup Quarter Finals last year.

Curtis McGrath – Speaking About Our Pain Helps to Ease It

Co-captain of the Paralympic kayak team, McGrath recounts his life-altering moment during his service in Afghansitan, and how talking about it helped him deal with the pain.

Rhys Nicholson – Staying Grounded in Success

Comedian Rhys Nicholson shares a candid account of the ups and downs of their career and encounters with fame.

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