The Moon

NASA Has Plans To Establish A Human Colony On The Moon: But What’s The Hold Up?

NASA are planning to send a spacecraft to the moon with the intention of establishing a colony there.

While there are MANY variables to consider when establishing a colony in outer space, NASA still do not have a date for the launch of the ‘Artemis’ mission. 

The ‘Artemis’ mission follows the initial mission to the moon named ‘Apollo’ after the Greek sun god Apollo. Artemis is the mythological twin sister of Apollo so naturally, NASA’s second moon mission had to be named Artemis. 

The mission will be made up of three separate parts, the first being an uncrewed test flight to the moon to ensure the space craft does what it is intended to do. The second part of the mission will see another spacecraft with astronauts onboard, launched into moon’s orbit, while Artemis three will put people on the lunar surface and is scheduled to begin in 2025. 

If NASA has a solid plan in place, then what’s the hold up? 

Dr Sophie Calabretto is joined by Cosmos journalist Matthew Agius who explains why the mission has been delayed on several occasions and what will take place when humans do finally make contact with the lunar surface. 

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