Last Stop Larrimah: “We Deliberately Didn’t Stay There, We Thought That Was Too Dangerous”

Last Stop Larrimah is the hit Netflix documentary that’s fascinating the world with people comparing it to Tiger King.

Taking place in an Australian outback town with a population of 11, with no phone reception, one pub and a pet crocodile, the mastermind journalist behind it all Kristy O’Brien breaks down what it was really like in Larrimah.


The inquest into Paddy Moriarty and his dog Kellie’s disappearance in 2017 included audio recorded by a secret listening device installed by police in the home of Owen Laurie.

Owen was a live-in gardener who was employed by Paddy’s nearest neighbour Fran Hodgetts.

“The coroner did say that he believed that it was likely Paddy and his dog went missing in the context of an ongoing feud he had with his nearest neighbour,” Journalist Kristy O’Brien said

In one of the recordings played to the courtroom, detectives alleged that a male voice heard talking and singing said: “I killerated old Paddy. I struck on the f***n head and killerated him”. 

With no resolution or conviction, Kristy said that the coroner and the creators of the Netflix documentary hints towards who they allegedly believe was responsible for the disappearance.

“I mean, he [coroner] all but spells out who he thinks might be behind it,” she said.

“You might think you know who did something, you still need to be able to pin them with hard evidence; but it is an ongoing investigation and no one has been found guilty.”

Interviewing the “completely nuts” residents prior to Paddy’s disappearance, Kristy said it was “too dangerous” to stay in the rural town.

“There certainly is a lot of tough terrain, you could very easily get rid of someone; we deliberately didn’t stay there, we thought that was too dangerous,” she said.

“I kept thinking, why the hell am I around these people that are completely nuts.”

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