Dave Hughes at the Adult Industry Awards

Hughesy’s Night At The Adult Industry Awards

Hughesy attends and presents and the Australian Adult Industry Awards, but just how did he get this past his wife Holly!?

Hughesy has presented many times before at awards shows but never he’s never experienced something like this.

The annual Australian Adult Industry Awards were last night and Hughesy was invited by the host of the awards show, Katija Cortez.

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But before he hit yes on his RSVP, he had to run it by his beloved wife Holly.

So just how did Hughesy go about asking his wife for permission?

“He said, ‘I won’t do this if it makes you uncomfortable at all.'” Holly tells Hughesy, Ed and Erin.

“So immediately I’m like, hmm this is interesting.”

“I told him, it seems like a perfect fit because all you seem to do these days is interview OnlyFans stars.” Holly jokes.

Being the understanding and trustworthy wife she is, Holly had no problem with Hughesy attending the awards.

She did however take a couple of jabs at her husband for his recent choice of radio content.

“I just can’t imagine the research that has to go into it!” Holly laughs.

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Erin tells Holly that the ideas don’t come from her, with Hughesy interjecting, saying it doesn’t come from him or Ed either. Hmmm…..

During the Adult Awards event, Hughesy took his friend and fellow comedian Ash Williams along for moral support.

Holly asked her husband to send her some photos of the night, mostly so she could see the glamorous women in attendance.

But Hughesy just sent her a photo of himself and Ash.

“You didn’t tell me Ash was there because you had taken him,” Holly says.

“I thought that Ash was literally a member of the adult entertainment community!”

Erin Molan asks Holly whether Hughesy came back a little amorous after the events at the awards but Holly, being a primary school teacher was too busy writing school reports.

“She out-waited me, I was asleep.” Hughesy laughs.

“Oh well, he tried!” Ed responds.

Hughesy was a hit at the Adult Entertainment awards, even getting a shout out from the organiser during her welcome speech.

There’s no doubt that come next year, Hughesy will have another invite in the letter box.