Here’s Why Octopuses Might Just Be Smarter Than Humans…

Octopuses – where do we start? These weird and wonderful creatures are our favourite animal for a myriad of different reasons, but mostly due to their countless strange abilities!

These eight-legged wonders are Cephalopods, meaning sea creatures without a spine. Due to their lack of spines, an octopus has the ability to squeeze through tiny spaces, the smallest being the size of a coin. 

Because of their ability to slip through tiny spaces, octopuses are magnificent escape artists. One octopus in particular managed to escape from his enclosure in New Zealand before sliding down a small pipe that led directly to the ocean! 

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Crafty right? 

With their massive brains and three hearts, Octopuses have to be the most fascinating creatures under the sea. 

Cosmos science journalist Imma Perfetto takes us through some of the coolest facts about Octopuses including their ability to camouflage and self-amputate to avoid predators. 

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