Here’s Why Fireworks Change Shape & Colour In The Sky

Fireworks – they’re entertaining, they’re beautiful but… what exactly are they? 

While most of us are happy to sit back and enjoy a good fire work show, like the Sydney harbour Bridge on New Year’s Eve, I bet you’ve never wondered how the show is actually put together! 

Well, Cosmos journalist Ellen Phiddian did the research for us and it turns out fireworks are far more complicated than you might have thought. 

Fireworks are believed to have originated in China all the way back to the 9th century, not long after the invention of gun powder.

Over the years, the makeup of fireworks has become more intricate which has allowed talented pyrotechnicians to bring us more elaborate firework shows, which change colour and sparkle. 

Ellen Phiddian breaks down the science behind fireworks including where the big bangs and crackles come from, how they change colour and whether fireworks can be harmful to the environment. 

Tune into the full episode of Huh? Science Explained below… 

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