Justin Langer when being inducted into the Australian sport Hall of Fame and Brad Haddin in the LiSTNR studio

Brad Haddin Responds To Justin Langer’s “Coward” Comments

Brad Haddin has responded to Justin Langer’s comments labelling sources who leaked against him toward the end of his coaching tenure as “cowards”.


“Obviously at some stage in his tenure he lost the change room,” Haddin said on Willow Talk.

“Whatever opinion you have on that, that’s happened, that’s fact.

“So he’s lost the change room, but, to have this still going on after 10 months, this is a guy who played 100 Tests for Australia, he’s been a very successful coach.

“Yes it ended messy, and by the looks of it there’s still a lot more to come out.”

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Langer’s comments came in an interview with News Corp’s Will Schofield in which he railed against Finch and Cummins for not being honest in their feedback to him.

“I spoke to Pat Cummins. He said to me about five times, ‘This might be brutally honest’,” Langer said in the interview.

“I said, ‘Pat, there is nothing brutal about your feedback. What is brutal is I’m hearing it behind my back through the media or through sources’.”

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Langer also lashed out at anonymous sources who leaked against him to journalists towards the end of his reign.

“Everyone was being nice to my face but I was reading about this stuff and half of it, I swear to God and on my kids’ lives, I could not believe that is what was making the papers,” Langer said in the interview.

“A lot of journalists use the word ‘source’. I would say, change that word to ‘coward’.

“A coward says, not a source.

“Because what do you mean a source says? They’ve either got an axe to grind with someone and they won’t come and say it to your face, or they’re just leaking stuff for their own agenda.”

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