“You Can’t Waste Millions And Millions And Millions And Millions Of Ratepayer’s Money On Stupid Decisions Like This”

If you have driven on the Brisbane to Gold Coast M1 highway you would have noticed the massive silver and yellow poles around Yatala with lights on the top of them. If you didn’t know they spell out GOLD COAST when lit up. When the council spent millions on them the city was in an uproar for a couple of reasons. One, you can’t actually see the words unless you are very far away from the highway and Two, the money used to install them was from ratepayers.

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Spida Everitt from Flan, Ali and Spida sprays the council divisions who came up with the idea to have them installed as now they are thinking of getting them removed. Saying “surely you can’t waste millions and millions and millions and millions and millions of ratepayer’s money on stupid decisions like this”.

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