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How to Protect Yourself Against AI Voice Clone Scams

As artificial intelligence technology rapidly expands, scammers are using the advances to find new ways to target people.

Following the news of a mother in the US who received a convincing phone call created by artificial intelligence of her daughter in distress saying she was ‘held hostage’, Tech Expert Trevor Long advised Triple M Breakfast with Marto, Margaux and Dan steps which can be taken to protect yourself against AI scams.


Scammers are using people’s social media profiles to source information to generate fake voice messages and phone calls.   

“Imagine you’re a teenager on TikTok or Instagram, just all that talking, all those little clips. If that’s public, they can be saved, they can be created and a new voice can be emulated.

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“We will get to a point within a very short amount of time, within years, where we have to question every video, photo and audio grab because there’s no guarantee it won’t be computer generated.” said Long.

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