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Former Wallaby Marto Says It’s Time To Blow Up Super Rugby

Triple M Breakfast with Marto, Margaux and Dan host and former Wallabies fullback Greg “Marto” Martin has had enough of the state of the Wallbies, calling on a significant overhaul in Super Rugby.

Marto revealed he’s been to all nine World Cups before 2023, but this is the first one he’s missed because he didn’t think the Wallabies were good enough.

Marto is calling for Eddie Jones and ARU Boss Hamish McClennan to be sacked, and Australian Super Rugby clubs to be chopped down.


“You don’t go from being losers playing Super Rugby to being winners when you put losers all together. It won’t work.” Said Marto.

“Eddie Jones used to make blokes 120kg cry and I thought he might have got rid of that out of his coaching technique, but no.”

“All these kids, they’ll need psychologist these kids they’ve been blown away, they’ll be lucky to beat bloody Portugal on Monday morning.”

He’s wrecked them.” Said Marto.