Andrew Embley in front of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign

Andrew Embley’s Wild Story From West Coast’s 2006 Post-Season Trip To Vegas

2006 Norm Smith Medallist Andrew Embley dropped a ripper yarn from West Coast’s post-season trip after winning that year’s flag on the Rush Hour WA with Embers and Katie last night.


“One of my teammates, I won’t mention his name, what happened was every night in Vegas, all the guys would meet at 5 o’clock, and they would go to a bar together and have a drink,” Embers said.

“That’s how they would start their night. So do anything you want in the day, but let’s all meet at 5 o’clock and have a drink.

“On this particular day, my teammate called a few guys because he got down there at 5 o’clock and no one was there, no one was at the bar.

“So he called Darren Glass and Michael Braun, he said, fellas, where are you guys?

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“They said, ah, we’re in Turkey, and they said ‘where’s the Turkey Bar, I’m on my way’.

“And they said ‘no, no, the country Turkey… the football trip finished four days ago!”

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Embers said his teammate had somehow totally missed that the footy trip had wrapped up.

“He was just out having the time of his life, and was trying to call the guys… Glassy and Brauny had flown to Turkey, they were on a boat!” he said.

“Time flies when you’re having fun!:”

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