“He Had Some Of My Short And Curly’s Still On His Lips” The Wild Story Behind This Crazy Photo

The Rush Hour QLD’s Perfect 10 is about finding Queensland’s perfect story, and Danny Mackay’s is both disgusting and hilarious.

Listener Danny tells his story where all stories shouldn’t start… at Gilligan’s Nightclub in Cairns. If you haven’t been there A.B and Elliott agree that it’s “loose as”. 

Danny sits at a table full of young guys who are all there to watch the football (AFL) when one turns to him and starts up a conversation. Danny quickly finds out that he is from Melbourne and an Essendon supporter, when Danny responds that he is a Collingwood supporter. The two obviously agree that they have to put a bet on against each other. 

The bet isn’t a typical money exchange, instead, the winner has to buy a tequila shot for the loser. You wouldn’t guess what the loser has to do with that shot… 

“He Had Some Of My Short And Curly’s Still On His Lips” 

Listen to what the loser had to do here:

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