“If You Don’t Feel Better By Then, Just End It” Turia Pitt Talks About Her Incredible Recovery Journey

On 2 September 2011, Turia Pitt was competing in a 100km ultramarathon through Western Australia’s Kimberley region, when she was caught in a large bushfire. She sustained burns to 65% of her body. It was several hours before medical help arrived, and she was air-lifted out. Doctors did not expect her to survive her injuries. She tells her story of survival to Triple M Gold Coasts Flan, Ali, and Spida in this week’s ‘Person Of Interest’.

Turia talks about the day her life changed and her one vivid memory was thinking about her partner and “how unfair it was” that they had all these goals and dreams they wanted to do as a couple and she didn’t want to not experience those adventures with him.

There was a moment when Turia woke up in pain and complete agony, where she talked to her dad about not wanting to be in the world anymore. He said, “why don’t you give yourself a timeline, like 3 years. That’s how long the doctor said it would be until you feel a bit more normal, and if you don’t feel better by then just end it”.

Listen to Turia’s captivating and inspirational story here:

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