“I Want To Sack Every Judge That Was On That Panel” Spida Sprays Australia’s Best Pie Judges

Recently Australia’s best pie for 2023 was announced and Spida from Triple M’s Flan, Ali and Spida isn’t impressed. Spida is confused as the winner of the pie is a Victorian bakery ‘Country Cob Bakery’ however, it’s not a traditional meat pie, the winner is a Fish Amok Pie!

“This is embarrassing” The competition had 300 bakeries which meant 300 pies entered however, Spida is unsure how the winning pie is a curried fish pie. Spida says, “we are judging straight-out pies, we are talking meat pies. If this pie doesn’t have lips and snouts and hooves and boobs and backends and frontends, it’s not a pie”.

“You don’t have fish pies” Listen to Spida’s spray here: 

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