Former Australian Special Forces Commando Heston Russell Opens Up About The Meaning Of ANZAC Day

Former Australian Special Forces Commando who did 4 tours of Afghanistan, Heston Russell joins Flan, Ali and Spida to talk about his career and a special tribute for ANZAC Day tomorrow.

Heston says, “ANZAC Day is a time particularly for veterans current and former serving, to remember the values and the character and the actions of those on Gallipoli who fought through circumstance we can only imagine and did so in a way that forged the Australian and ANZAC reputation not only with our allies but with our enemies”.

Since Heston has left the military, he has struggled with “slowing down and finding a way to be relevant”. Saying he was “leading a platoon of commandos in Afghanistan” to coming back and his biggest responsibility was “walking my dog”.

Listen to Heston’s full story here:

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