Ditts' mail that Liv Golf is set to move dates

Ditts’ Hears LIV Golf On Course To Change Dates ‘April Weather Was A Fluke’

It was a massive weekend at Grange for LIV Golf that had it all: big crowds, exciting atmosphere and perfect weather.

Ditts’ explains on Roo, Ditts & Loz that LIV Golf will be rescheduled in 2024 after suggestions the April weather was a fluke.

When will LIV Golf be rescheduled to in 2024?

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“Imagine if that had of been the Easter long weekend,” Ditts adds.

“LIV would have looked so different, wouldn’t it?”

Roo, Ditts and Loz also get into just how much DJ/Producer Fisher was paid for his appearance on the Friday night of the tournament.

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