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How WWE’s Big E Put Everything Into Perspective After Breaking His Neck

WWE star Big E has opened up on his horrific broken neck, saying he is “grateful he got another opportunity to experience life”.


Big E broke his neck in March last year after a “move that went awry”, fracturing the C1 vertebrae in two places and his C6.

He joined Mark Howard on The Howie Games with The New Day, where Howie was after the latest on his injury and recovery.

He said the luck he had with the injury – as well as recent events surrounding the death of his close friend Brodie Lee – had put everything in perspective.

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“If one of those pieces (of bone) floated off in a different direction, that means my spinal cord (is impacted),” he told Howie.

“So obviously we’re talking about paralysis, we’re talking about potential stroke, and we’re talking about death.

“[Brodie Lee] passed away kind of out of nowhere a couple of years ago…I think it just reminds you of the impermanence of life, of all of this. Like everything.”

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