“It’s Been A Wild Ride”: Rhea Ripley’s Journey From Adelaide To The Top Of The WWE

Rhea Ripley could be the biggest Australian athlete that you might not have heard of.

She is a global phenomenon at the top of her game, iit all started with a dream in the city of churches.

“To be in the position I am in. Is just absolutely insane. Being the little girl from Adelaide, South Australia and not thinking I could make it to the big leagues of WWE. It has been a wild ride.”

“It makes me really proud of myself, and I get to do all these cool things and introduce people into the sport that I love.”

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From her first wrestling match in front of a football club in Adelaide, to performing in front of tens of thousands of adoring fans and becoming one of WWE’s biggest names – not to mention the 3 million followers on Instagram, all from just being herself!

It’s a story, that every Australian can be proud of.

The WWE comes to Australia on February 25th with the Elimination Chamber, which will be broadcast live and exclusive on Foxtel and Binge.