Elise McCann Turns Lemons Into Lemonade

Have you ever been at dinner with mates, and someone comes up with a clever idea and you all agree it could totally be an app?

Well, Elise McCann is the kind of person who actually does just that!

Listen here:

Ms McCann is a theater performer turned entrepreneur. You’ve probably heard her sing with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, seen her perform as Miss Honey in the Australian musical production of Matilda or headlining charity galas or carols in the Domain.

She is the consummate performer and now also the co-founder of a new wellness app, Hey Lemonade. 

But how did the entrepreneur turn an idea – a simple one that would make her life just a little bit easier – into something many others could enjoy?

“Sometimes I get really stressed about things and then, it’s not until I go and listen to a pep talk or I read someone’s script, or I talk again to the psychologist, I go, oh my gosh, the whole purpose of this is to actually do the opposite,” Ms McCann said.

“And so actually it’s been a really great. I’ve learned so many things, like during, just before launch, I was listening to different people’s versions  imposter syndrome or on the verge of burnout, or when you feel overwhelmed or you get everything that you wanted and then all of a sudden you feel overwhelmed.

“And I was like, I can resonate with every one of these and I need to take some of these tips on board.”

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In this conversation Jamila Rizvi and Ms McCann discuss everything from how does a creative reinvent themselves in the world of business and tech and what does it take to succeed in an entirely foreign field of work?

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