Wil Anderson and Lehmo Agree: England Must Lean Into Bazball To Keep Ashes Series Alive

In the latest ep of TOFOP, Wil Anderson reunited with his former radio partner and comedian, Lehmo, to concoct a plan for how England can fully embody the Bazball philosophy and keep their Ashes dream alive. 

It’s been described as one of Australia’s greatest ever Ashes victories. 

The momentum swayed from side to side across five days in a gruelling test of philosophies: Australia with the traditional slow and steady approach verses Stokes’ new brand of T20 inspired ‘Bazball’.

Whatever you think, it was damn entertaining and Anderson and Lehmo can’t wait for more.

“I think next test: Bazball to the extreme. Wicket keeper comes out with one glove — other glove is a Michael Jackson glove”, says Anderson. “That’s Bazball to me”.

Lehmo had his own suggestions.  “The bowleer takes a wicket and then rips his shirt off (EPL style) and jumps into the crowd to start hugging fans”, he said.

Other concepts they think could support Bazball:

  • Appeals with giant foam fingers
  • Gully standing with back to pitch
  • After tea, players are allowed one stubby and dart each

In fact, Wil and Lehmo went as far to say this new entertaining style of cricket could inspire several rule changes.

Listen to the episode to discover what might be next for test cricket:

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