Wil Anderson And Adam Spencer Fix Australia’s Wicket Review System

In the latest ep of TOFOP, Wil Anderson reunited with his former triple j presenter and numbers man, Adam Spencer, to dissect Australia’s win of the World Test Championship against India.

The pair highlighted Australia’s concerning track record when it comes to reviewing wickets, and the individual at the centre of the problem.

“What Marnus does best is think that people have nicked balls when they absolutely have not nicked balls”, Anderson said.

“He’s possibly the best review-burner in the history of the game”, Spencer added.

Their solution? 

“Maybe they just go to him [Warner] and say, ‘when Patty’s going up with the ‘soft T’ you have to grab his arm. We give you full permission — you just grab him by the elbow and pull it back down again’”, Anderson said.

“Just 15 seconds” Spencer said.

The idea comes just in time ahead of Australia’s first Ashes test. 

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