Wendell Sailor | “The Disharmony At The Club Has Been Going On For A Long Time & It Starts From The Top”

Wendell Sailor on The Rush Hour gave his thoughts on St George Illawarra Dragons sacking their coach Anthony Griffin.


A critic of Griffin’s, the writing was already on the wall after an abysmal start to the season Dell gave his thoughts.

‘We’ve all known for a long time it was coming,

‘It’s disappointing because the fans miss out again this year.’

Dell was asked who he would like to see his former side employ but it wasn’t the bookies favourite Jason Ryles and instead turned to an ex-premiership winning coach.

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‘Shane Flanagan is obviously a premiership coach, does things his way, he knows how to structure a club.

‘They need someone strong at the moment.’

Though for all the critics that were against Anthony Griffin, the club have also had many attacking the upper management, which Dell agreed with.

‘The disharmony at the club has been going on for a long time now and it starts from the top.’