Unlocking Sam Kerr: The Unbelievable Insight Behind Sam Kerr’s Greatness! 🌟🔍 From Almost AFL Star to International Football Sensation ⚽🏉

Long-time team mate Steph Catley has revealed what makes Sam Kerr one of the world’s best footballers in her recent episode with Mark Howard on the Howie Games. 

From her cheek, to her ability on field.

Catley has revealed in detail what makes the Matilda so great. 


“Sam is just a bag full of natural talent.” 

“She played AFL when she was growing up, and she probably would have been really, really good at that.” 

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“She’s athletic in a way that I’ve seen no one before. It’s so natural, it’s so graceful. 

“You know, she can jump, she can run, but she’s also such an intelligent footballer and- She’s a hard worker and she’s got a very brave head on her shoulders. Nothing fazes her and she’s been that way since she was a kid.”

Get the full insight from the 200th episode of the Howie Games.