The Invaluable Advice Shane Warne Gave To Mark ‘Howie’ Howard

March 4, 2022. It’s a date many Aussies associate with heartache.

On that day, just sixteen months ago, the completely unexpected and equally devastating news came rolling in: our biggest international icon, Shane Warne, had passed away.

While Warnie may be gone, the Spin King left an insurmountable legacy, touching the hearts and inspiring millions of individuals the world over.

Two of those individuals were regional Victorian boys who grew up on a healthy diet of cricket and could often be spotted watching a game together.

Their names are Wil Anderson and Mark ‘Howie’ Howard.

In the latest episode of Wil’s TOFOP podcast, the two reminisce on their fallen hero, with Howie sharing some of his most personal anecdotes and lessons he learned from the cricket legend himself.

Listen here:

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What/who/why is TOFOP?

In 2010, Charlie Clausen (Blue Heelers / Home and Away) and Wil Anderson (The Gruen Transfer) started one of Australia’s first podcasts: TOFOP (shorthand for Thirty Odd Foot Of Podcast).

The series very quickly (and somewhat unexpectedly) became Australia’s #1 podcast with medical professionals, though you definitely don’t need a PhD to enjoy two mates being mates.