The Howie Games Revisited: Lauren Jackson’s Remarkable Return To The Opals

Earlier this week, Australia’s greatest basketballer Lauren Jackson was selected in the Opals’ squad for the upcoming FIBA World Cup.

Jackson’s return comes after 9 years away from international competition.

Back in June 2020, Mark Howard caught up with Jackson where the pair discussed her battles with mental health issues, anxiety and injury.

Following news of the GOATs return, certain discussions within the podcast highlight just what a remarkable sporting story this is.

“I think probably from from 2011 onwards. It was really, really difficult because with the injuries came a lot of prescription medication and it was just a really bad cycle that I was in,” Jackson told Howie in 2020.

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“Because I was in so much pain. I was taking quite a lot of medication. And then just to get through games, to get through trainings. And I mean, I kept going until I couldn’t go anymore, you know.”

“It became a really vicious cycle, you know, and one that every day I sort of look back and think and think, wow, I’m just so lucky to get through it. And I’m so lucky I’m alive.”

Listen to this story and many more in the full episode below before FIBA World Cup begins.