“I Would Get Angry At Looking At Him!” Aaron Woods On Why Cameron Smith Turned From His Rival Into His Hero

Aaron Woods joined The Rush Hour with Gus, Jude & Wendell on their Hero, Highlight, Hardship podcast to go through the ups and downs of his career.


When asked to name his hero, Woodsy had a very surprising inspiration.

“You know, I always was real angry on this player because he used to frustrate me watching games,” said Woods.

“It’s Cameron Smith.

“Being a New South Welshman, I remember I used to just get angry at looking at him because Queensland would always win and Melbourne [Storm] were so successful.

“But when I got to play with him for Australia, he’s honestly the best bloke.”

Woods continues to explain what made him admire Cameron Smith, learning from his values off the field.

And he shares a nice yarn about how Smith made his wife feel apart of the team when on tour.

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“So we toured England, we’d been there for four-five weeks,” explained Woods.

“My wife came over in the last week.

“There’s a breakfast room [at the hotel]. One for the squad, one for normal people who aren’t apart of the team.

“He noticed my wife was in there and he said to her come with us.

“She’s like, ohh I don’t want to go in there.

“So he picked up her bowl, brought it into our room and said, you are eating with the Australian team because you’re part of us.

“He could see the little things. I could just see what and why they were so successful.

“And I think he was the man that led them to that.”