Why NRL Needs To Mimic AFL In Making Sure Perth Team Succeeds

Michael Chammas on Footy Talk League’s Journos Show explained what the NRL need to do to ensure the Perth bid doesn’t fall flat when they enter the competition, likely in 2027.


Using Dolphins deep roots in Queensland and Melbourne Storm’s arrivals in the late-90s when rules were more relaxed as examples, Chammas stated the current notion of Perth signing players off-contract at the end of the 2026 season isn’t viable.

“[They] need to ask the NRL for a little bit more dispensation,” said Chammas.

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“Hopefully they give us what the AFL did for some clubs and give them a little bit more in the salary cap.

“The Dolphins had the juniors, they got a great nursery of talent.

“Perth don’t have it.

“If you want to make this work, if you want to make sure the Perth bid doesn’t fail, give them some help.”